08 June 2008

I broke it

So, the other day, Chad was driving my Jeep and says to me.... your jeep hit 200.
This means my Jeep finally hit the 200,000 miles!
WOW.....what a record.

It's amazing how fast this can happen. Seems like just yesterday I was buying my Jeep. It has just barely 100,000 miles. And just 8 years later......

Other things I know:

-The farmers market is windling down....I think it's so hot out that people just don't want to get out, especially before 10am, which is when the farmers mostly sell out.

-But I did manage to buy some nice fresh produce; a humongous zucchini, so beautiful and delicious!
-Some beets that I can't stop making a fruity beet salad out of...recipe is followed

-The sunset the morning of the market (@ 6am) is just delightful!

-I've got some more visitors on my porch. I didn't realize birds will do this, but as soon as the mama bird and her followers flew away another mama came to occupy her nest. The eggs have hatched and we've been watching the babies grow up. They seem to double in size every morning!

-We've been doing much playing (e.g the macaroni)

Okay on to the oh my so delicious Fruity Beety
some beets; I use about 6 or so, boil, then peel and slice them
couple oranges; peeled and cut into slices
handful of raisins, I use golden for this particular recipe
honey, about a teaspoon
vinegar; a few splashes

prep and mix together. refrigerate for 2+ hours. i eat on cottage cheese.
Enjoy and see you next week!


  1. Oh how exciting! Another bird's nest! You are living in Heaven.

    Husband, child, birds.

    Food, flowers, sunrise.


  2. Well, actually--not another bird's nest---another nest of birds! Very smart creatures. They saw the white kitchen, white porch, bird seed & snack bags, etc., and thought 'this is prime real estate.' When that mama moves out, this mama is moving in!