07 June 2011

Missing Him

Got the phone call from Mr Wolfe, my love. He made it to Florida. I miss him already and have a new rule:
not to leave each other behind for longer than a couple days.

We have quite some time to fill...
and Bobo is coming down to help out
(Yay! for Grandmas!)

We have plenty to read


and fun to be played


I received a ukelele from my love last year and now I'm determined to learn which means practice practice practice!


Love watching this mama bird take care of her little babes.
The nest sits right out our front window, we watch her as
she flies away in search of food and she returns with food enough for 3 babes.


2 boys

I think I will have plenty to do until Daddy Wolfe comes back,
especially when it involves these two!

Until next time

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  1. Christina Smith18 June, 2011

    Hey A, Cora just goy a ukulele with her money from oma and opa! I am going to get one too! So much fun!