27 June 2011


A whirlwind of June planning left me twirling all month!
And yet, I have landed with my feet on the ground.

My baby has turned a year older. Six years old and a big 6 he is! I am so proud of the man he will become and the boy is today. So kind and patient, giving and sweet. We had a fun weekend of sword fighting, treasure maps, eye patches and chocolate cupcakes.

My Mr Wolfe turned a year older this past week and it was his very first Father's Day! I stretched it out as long as I could, a gift of love sent everyday.

My dear brother, Ryan and his family came into town over Father's day weekend. It was so fun having the whole family around!

As much fun as it was, I'm glad to have a break ~ some time to take a deep breath to sit and reflect on recent life through pictures and memories.

Now, back to nurf gun shooting, star wars playing, helicopter men and checkers!

Until we meet again...

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