13 September 2009

a sad goodbye and happy hello

Before we left for the beach, the oldest and favorite hen left us.

We looked all around the yard with no sign of Brah-ee.

We knew she wasn't coming back after calling because she would always come a running after hearing her name.
So, with a whole day and night passing, we said our sad goodbyes.
She will be truly missed with a personality like no other.
Brah-ee lived in our garage when we were in the process of separating the roosters from the hens. She layed her eggs on the counter space and let us pet her.
Oscar loved holding her under one arm while he worked in the yard.
She loved us just as much as we loved her.

So, with her passing Oscar promptly asked for a replacement. I made a phone call to a dear friend and we picked up our new beautiful white and black chicken.

She fits right in, and how could she not with a name like Brah-ee!


  1. Sorry to hear about Brah-ee the First!

    I hope your new sweet hen (who is really pretty by the way) settles in quickly.

  2. I am sorry to hear of your loss.
    Warm wishes to you and your new pet
    : ) Your little one is too cute!

  3. There is an award waiting for you over at Leigh vs Laundry.