19 September 2007

Wo Man

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This is my son's wo man!

We were at a festival a couple weekends ago and we picked up this lovely piece from a friend of mine. (thanks for the trade!)
I was drawn to her, being the pregnant one I am.
And so was my son, obvisously.
He carries her around the house, takes her to the bathroom, to bed, to eat...all the things he does on a daily basis.
It's so adorable!
She almost as tall as he is.

There at the festival I set up my soap and candle table, while there were others selling their crafts. A woman who makes brooms and baskets, a blacksmith, whom also makes soap, and a woman who makes really rad jewelry and her husband who makes things out of wood, mostly little critters, well, I say critters, but more like the woman types.

Anyways, we had a delightful time hanging with folks and enjoying good weather and food.

18 September 2007

New paint for the Bathroom

Well, finally it's done!
New paint for the guest bathroom.
When we first moved in, there was sky blue paint everywhere: in the kitchen, bathrooms, even the outside of the house was blue!
We painted the kitchen a little over a year ago, painting it a beautiful green, sherwood green.

Since becoming pregnant again, I know what little time you have, so I am trying to get things dealt with before this little one arrives.
So, on to the guest bathroom...... here we go!

We painted the sink area a supposely "emerald blue". This color wound up being a bit darker than a periwinkle.
But still looks beautiful!
The toliet area we painted a "seaside jetty"
So, now I'm in the process of finding towels as well as curtins to bring the two rooms together.
I've learned that it's much easier to match the fabric with the paint, than vis versa!
A little bit of a learning experience.
I've got a really cool idea for little O's room.
There will be pictures!
Till next time.

12 September 2007


Well, a lot has happened since the last time I wrote, more than a month ago!

We've been to the Beach, attended my brother's engagement party, had a Birthday, found out sex of baby, a few big things.

First off the beach was lovely. Spent an entire week relaxing either at the pool or at the beach. My older brother lives in Florida and was having an engagement party for him and his lovely bride- to- be. I got to see plenty of family that I don't normally see and my brother who was just glowing with pride and happiness!

My birthday was faboulous! I spent the entire night hanging out with my hubby. We went to a very funny play that 4 students put on from the drama dept at UGA. (Positives to living in a college town) It was similar to "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Then my love took me for a slice of birthday pie and to hang out with friends. A very enjoyable evening!

Thirdly, we did find out the sex of the baby even though we were told by our dear son that it's a girl! Now, for the naming ceremony. It's much more difficult finding a name for a child than it is finding a name for an animal!

So, a lot has been going on in the Beacham household. Besides the normal routine of life.
I'll try to keep more updates on the happenings.

Take Care and Enjoy the pics!