01 May 2013

Home Is Where The Heart Is

 We have been taking advantage of this weather as of recently.
Just about everything we do 
is being done outdoors.
Lots of soccer playing, car driving, animal petting
Eating dinners, snacks, lunches are being eaten on the porch.
 Speaking of eating...
I got almost everything in the garden planted.
And just this morning, I noticed little babies popping up in all 5 of the beds.
After 3 years of not gardening, I am very enjoying it very much.
I might be the only one who gets excited about these things in this house NOW
But just you wait till there are things to eat on those little plants!

Like the shirt says
"It's Great To Be Home!"

So, going with the flow...
For the next 30 days,
 I will post a picture a day of our days at home (or the beach ;)

Home is where the heart is!
Happy Wednesday!

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