08 December 2012

Advant: Day 1

I love to get the kids involved in Holiday activities.  
It makes the Season that much more fun and exciting!
 (for the adults as well as the kids!)

One way we celebrate the season is the Advant calendar.
It reminds me of my younger days when my brothers and I would excitingly open up the 
windows of the cardboard house to find a special treat hidden.
Knowing it was yet another day down until Christmas morning.

I made origami baskets a few years ago that we will reuse another year.
I had the intent to make a new calendar for this year, 
I thought the kids would appreciate one ready come the 1st of December.

I try to stick with activities that I think the kids will enjoy,
instead of toys or candies that they will have plenty of come Christmas.
Although, on a few filler days, a couple of gold coins get added.

Day 1
A movie is in your future ~
grab some popcorn and it's a date!

Happy Advanting!

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