02 July 2007

Burley Bike Trailer For Sale

Here are the pics for the Burley Encore that we have for sale.

This is the best bike trailer the
Burley Encore Bike Trailer...AWESOME!!
It's frame is lightweight made of
aluminum and easy to use, attaches VERY quickly to an adult bike
and has an flex connect mechanism so that if the adult bike falls over
the trailer remains upright.

It holds 1 or 2 children (max load 100
pounds) and has 5 point safety harness (with 2 height positions for
older and younger children) and a seat belt for either configuration.

There are 2 pockets inside for the kids necessities (snacks, cups, etc)
and a large storage
area in the back that can even hold a small cooler, grocery bags
and/or picnic

The front panel has both a screen and a rain shield (not all
models have the rain/wind shield) that can be used interchangeably.
There are also windows on each side for an all around view.

It folds flat with the removal of a pin on one side of the top bar.
The pull bar folds under the trailer and the wheels are quick release style
if you need it even flatter just pull them off!

It is jogger compatable and includes the attachment,
which I never took out of box.

Bought last year, so it's a 2006 model and kept
in the garage out of rain.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any questions!!

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  1. Leslie S.15 July, 2008

    Hi!! Is this trailer still for sale and if so how much?